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Welcome to our new COO, Henrik Selmegårdh

Meet Henrik, who has joined our company in the position of Nordic COO and member of the Nordic Executive Committee.

Henrik brings to the company more than 20 years’ seniority in the banking industry and experiences from prior positions as Financial Controller, CFO, Business Transformation Director and IT & OPS Director.

What are you looking forward to mostly in your new position?

“I look forward to be part of the growth and transformation journey into become a true Nordic BNP Paribas Personal Finance Bank. And together with rest of the Nordic Executive Committee members and the Nordic Operations team continue to add value to our customers and partners as part of our set strategy.”

What do you think will be your primary challenge?

“To become part of a new business is always challenging and exciting, and one of my focus areas is to learn about our Nordic business in terms of products, organisation and how we operate on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, during the last 20 years I have obtained a vast knowledge of several organisational functions and a solid understanding of the banking area, and I hope to add value and contribute with my knowledge to fulfil the Nordic strategy set within the BNP Paribas Group.”

What are the main qualities of a COO – and a leader?

“As COO you have a broad spectrum of responsibilities and employees to help running the day to day operations within a bank. Today we operate in an environment which is far more complex than 10 years ago. A changing environment has become a constant. Therefore we ned to nurture and strengthen our ability to constantly develop further customer focused product- and service features.

I believe what categorises a true leader is having the ability to lead through others. Create an environment which allows people to grow, and fosters creativity to challenge status quo in everything we do.”

What are your ambitions for Operations?

“My ambition is to establish together with the team a first class Nordic Operations department, with an open mind-set serving our customers and partners across the Nordic market.
It is a continuous work, where we aim to create customer value in everything we do, both internally and together with our partners.”