We support Julehjæ

We support the Danish non-profit organisation julehjæ because all children deserve to celebrate Christmas. Discover which internal initiatives our Nordic CSR responsible, Marie Thorsgaard Hare organised for us this year.

Christmas 2020 will be celebrated highly unusual for many of us due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But for many families difficulties connected with Christmas are not unfamiliar.

Our CSR responsible, Marie Thorsgaard Hare, decided to make a difference for a specific target group; families with children, and in corporation with our HR department a new initiative was born.

“I got in touch with in Julehjæ to find out what we could do to support families with children. Julehjæ is a Danish non-profit organisation, based on volunteers, which helps families with children who need financial support to celebrate Christmas. The organisation acts as an intermediary between people who need support, and people who have the opportunity to donate, for example toys, clothes and gift cards. It became clear that we could make a meaningful collaboration.

Therefore we decided to, not only contribute with a donation from our company, but also establish an internal donation campaign where all colleagues in the Nordics – on a voluntary basis – got an opportunity to donate an amount to the good cause.

Our donations go directly to food and gift cards, which will be purchased and delivered before Christmas to the families, who have asked for help. We hope that our collective effort will make a difference.”