Nordic sustainable welcome package: The gift that does not wither

We have partnered with EcoTree to offer new colleagues a tree ownership.

On our journey to becoming a more sustainable employer, we have made a simple change to our onboarding habits by replacing the traditional flower bouquets with sustainable trees.

To support us, we have partnered with EcoTree, a leading provider of nature-based solutions in Europe, who has a tree gift card solution that we have adopted. This means that new colleagues who join our Nordics organisation are offered a tree ownership.

One of the new tree owners is Senior Manager HR Business Partner Christian Eksten, who joined our company in August. This is his feedback on the initiative:

I think it is a great initiative. Normally I would have taken the flowers home to my wife – which is nice – however flowers wither and are valued very briefly. Instead, I am now a tree owner and the experience has become a shared and long-term experience. My family is quite excited about the concept, so as my tree happens to be planted relatively close to our holiday home, we have planned a visit to the forest where the tree is. Truly a sustainable gift in more ways than one.

Simple changes can make an impact

By a simple change in our onboarding process, we can reduce carbon emissions from the flowers and make a positive impact by helping to preserve the forests and their ability to capture CO2, slow down global warming and increase biodiversity.

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If you want to learn more about EcoTree, take a look here.