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New member of the Nordic Executive Committee

Meet Cedric Gibert, who has joined our company and Nordic Executive Committee as Head of Customer Experience.

Cédric has been part of the BNP Paribas Group for 10 years already, and his new appointment illustrates a strategic and strengthened focus on our digital journeys and our customers’ satisfaction across the countries.

What are you looking forward to mostly in your new position?

“BNP Paribas Personal Finance in the Nordics is a very dynamic player that has been growing for many years. I’m proud to be part of this company and I’m looking forward to serving our customers always better every day and offering them a high level experience.
Doing so, I know I will have fun and keep on learning along the way.”

Which skills and experiences from your past do you think will be particularly useful in your new position?

“Along my career, I had the opportunity to hold many different positions in marketing and sales departments which is of help today for sure.

I also spent several years working on marketing analytics topics, which enabled me to build test strategies and understand the power of making data-driven decisions.

Last, I had the chance to work with most of the countries where BNP Paribas Personal Finance operates in, which makes it easier to liaise with peers across Europe and benefit from best practices.”

What are the main qualities of a CMO – and a leader?

“As Head of Customer Experience, you need to be customer obsessed and spread this obsession throughout the organisation. Indeed, you can build the best product ever, if it is not meeting customers’ expectations, then it’s pointless. And to make this possible, you need to foster creativity and leave space to your teams to investigate and propose solutions.

Besides standing up for their vision, I do believe that a great leader should embody what BNP Paribas has defined as core values: Exemplarity, Solidarity and Responsibilityy.”

What are your ambitions for the Customer Experience department, and what will be your first move?

“One item I want to point out here is that we decided to call this department (covering marketing, B2C activities, products and analytics) Customer Experience Department and not Marketing Department, which is a clear message that the organisation will make the difference through the best-in-class experience we will offer to our customers.

My 1st ambition is to act Nordic. It does not mean that we intend to copy and paste everything across the region – each country has its own specificities – but we aim at finding synergies when it makes sense and benefiting from common assets.

My 2nd ambition is to be excellent when we serve our customers through digital channels and our new mobile app will be a cornerstone of our strategy.”

Can you share some first impressions of being French and now live and work in Sweden?

“The first two words that come to my mind are easy and welcoming. There are of course some cultural differences between Sweden and France, but up to my experience so far, I’ve always and everywhere been warmly welcome.

The only thing I might be missing sometimes is a baguette when I’m enjoying a fika, men jag tycker mycket om kanelbullar :-).”