New award: Best customer experience in Sweden!

We are incredibly proud to be named the best company for customer service in the banking industry in Sweden by Brilliant Future.

Today Brilliant Future hosted their annual edition of the “Brilliant Awards – Customer Experience”, which celebrates organisations that succeed in creating exceptional customer experiences in their customer service – and our Swedish Customer Care- and Granting Support came in first place!

The selection criteria are based exclusively on data about customers’ experiences. There is no jury, the customers’ opinions determine the result, which gives us reason to be extra happy and proud.


Fourth nomination in a row

This is not the first time we have been nominated for the Brilliant Customer Experience Award. In fact, it is the fourth time in a row. We joined the Brilliant Future scheme in 2020 and became No. 1 the very first year. The year after we came in third place. In 2022 we were back on the top of the podium, and today we are extremely proud to get a first place.

Emma Lindén, our Team Leader for Customer Care & Retail Support in Sweden, has worked with Brilliant for four years, and this year she is beyond proud:

Without sounding too confident, I need to say that since I started working here, I have always been very impressed by the engagement, customer focus and pride that everyone delivers in each conversation we have with our customers. However, I feel extremely proud of the level of customer service and focus that we constantly continue to bring to the table. Therefore, ending up on the podium this year again is incredible. Regardless of whether we would have finished third, second or first, being in Top 3 this year is a win in itself. I am truly impressed by the outstanding achievement of my colleagues.

Why we use Brilliant

Brilliant is a tool we use to measure our customers’ experience immediately after a call with our Customer Service Support and Granting Support. The customer’s evaluation generates a score and provides us with real-time feedback on an individual- and team level. In this way, each individual colleague can monitor his/her performance constantly. Emma elaborates:

“As the tool will give everyone live update and direct feedback from the customers, it will either give a high-energy boost due to the positive feedback you receive, or in case your scores are looking lower than usual, you might get a minor “wake up call”. You might be reminded that you need to bring some more energy in to the conversations, perhaps stand up, grab a coffee, take a short break and talk to a team member – and then you go again! However, it is important to understand and accept that the scores will go up and down and not let it affect you too much, as long as you know you are doing everything you can in each conversation.”

In our teams, we really value a culture where we encourage, motivate, develop and inspire each other in order to spread the high level of customer service that is expected. For us team leaders it is important that this is not only used as a management tool. The motivation to use the tool must come from the agents.

“Our experience is that when making it fun to use the tool in different ways, together within the teams, it will create strong value and show great results in the end. It is then a duty for us leaders to put our focus on supporting, coaching, celebrating good results and appreciating all the good and hard work that is being done by the teams.”


High ambitions

While our Swedish teams have been familiar with Brilliant for years, the solution only became Nordic in the summer of 2022. This means that we are introducing best practices to our teams in Norway and Denmark, while at the same time maintaining a focus on our ability to be engaged in the conversations with our customers and creating excellent customer experiences…and then we are ready for more awards.