Time flies when you are having fun

LA story about a great place to work.

1st of March 2021 we celebrate that our colleague and Key Account Manager, Ivan Ørum Sørensen, has worked with us for 15 years. While we are celebrating, do take the opportunity to read Ivan’s testimonial below where he explains, why he is still part of our company.

Happy business partners

My daily work is to make sure that our business partners have exactly what they need in order to provide the smartest, fastest and most secure solutions and offers to their – and our – customers. The daily effort is exactly what drives me. It is great when things work out, but ever so much more satisfying when it is achieved in collaboration with our partners. I never get tired of that.

A great place to work

Before I became Key Account Manager, I worked as a chef. This change of career has sometimes been a little scary, to be honest, but I am grateful to have been given the opportunity.
BNP Paribas Personal Finance takes care of its employees, at an individual level. I have definitely been challenged, and I am truly happy that management has shown me confidence.

When you have been with a company for many years, you discover the importance of good colleagues. And you notice a shift with the arrival of new colleagues. I think our company is great at managing this mix in staff. We maintain some elements of the good old spirit of the company while being inspired by new fresh impulses and ideas.

And many things change. Today we comply with a strict set of compliance rules when entering into new business agreements with our retail partners. Obviously. But 15 years ago it was equally obvious and market practice to carry with you the physical agreement when visiting partners.

15 years in the same company. It is a long time – for some. But times flies when you have fun and face new challenges every single day. The fact that I am still here probably says it all: It is a great place to work.

It probably does not get better than this

I am part of the Sales department, and I could not dream of a better team. I have the best colleagues, and we always support each other. Just as we help each other across the organisation, working ambitiously while having fun.
I look forward to “another day at the office” tomorrow, it probably does not get better than this.