Nordic Mobility Days

Learn about the Nordic Mobility Days concept - and why it is a great idea.

For several years BNP Paribas has organised Mobility Days, where colleagues across the world can learn about mobility and how it works within the Group.

This year it is the second time we dedicate a specific week to the Nordic region. A week, during which we organise a series of events together with the other BNP Paribas entities in the Nordics.

The agenda of the Nordic Mobility Days includes:
• Introduction to the concept of mobility and how mobility works in BNP Paribas

• Presentation of the BNP Paribas Group entities represented in the Nordic Region

• Workshop sessions, where you get ideas and inspiration for how to plan your career path

• Testimonials from colleagues, who have changed role, entity or country within the Group

• Nordic Career Fair to learn about current opportunities in the region

Our Nordic CEO, Annika Olsson, actively participates in the Nordic Mobility Days to present BNP Paribas Personal Finance, and she thinks it is an important initiative:

“Being part of a global group entails that we have colleagues from all parts of the world working at our offices. At times they stay with us for shorter temporary periods, and at times for several years or even permanently. It creates a great mix of people and an international environment at our offices in Kista, Oslo and Taastrup. Actually we speak nothing less than 25 languages.

To have a global outlook and perspective on your career path is not for everyone though, and that is one of the reasons why Nordic Mobility Days are so important. At our company I invite everyone to join the Nordic Mobility sessions. It generates an occasion for people to learn about the different entities, to get connected across entities, it simply empowers the Nordic region at all levels of the organisation.

Obviously, I do not encourage colleagues to leave the company, but as an employer I think we have an obligation to share and foster career and personal development opportunities for our people. It is a priority for us, and therefore you can find many examples of people, who have changed career in our organisation. However, in the event that we cannot meet a specific demand from an individual, needs which on the contrary can be fulfilled by one of our fellow Nordic entities, it would be a mistake not to support.

Personally, I look forward to connecting with Nordic colleagues these days, and also to promoting that BNP Paribas Personal Finance is a fantastic place to work. “