Meet Jenny and Lisbeth, who embraced Covid-19 trends and created a social media success

By listening to market trends, they created a campaign which exceeded even their own expectations.

Jenny Gaffner, Head of Marketing, and Lisbeth Bjerre Sanderhoff, Content Marketing Manager, have been working with marketing and communication of our Express Bank brand for the past 7 years.

“Our ambition is to streamline all our marketing initiatives regardless of purpose and channel, and to communicate in a clear and transparent way. Our customers should always experience a sense of brand recognition and a consistent “tone of voice” regardless of the media”, explains Jenny, and continues:

“SoMe, and especially Facebook, has been somewhat of a ‘hot potato’ for several years. We want to be present on the platform, but it is a platform where you often find yourself being subject to unconstructive criticism and critical comments. New legislation, introduced in 2020 in Denmark, has made it even further difficult, preventing banks from being present in a commercial block with a betting company – something that we cannot control on Facebook.
In 2020, we teamed up with Reklamebureau og mediebureau i Odense og København – Nørgård Mikkelsen and decided for a new approach. We started to use the media as a means for mid-funnel and brand awareness. “Time spent with brand” became a new KPI, and we started to produce soft content with a mix of economical tips and current subjects, we knew many Danes took interest in. We were aiming for our target group to engage in our content and with us, enabling them to perceive us as more than exclusively a consumer finance provider. Therefore, the stories needed to tap into something that our customers cared about and truly could engage in.”

And this strategy turned out to be a great idea. Lisbeth elaborates:

“During the pandemic, Danes have bought dogs like never before – the so-called “Corona dogs”. We tapped into the fact that dogs were a hot topic and shared a story on names for the pet with a dedicated landing page which included tips and advice when getting a dog. The performance of this post went far beyond our expectations. In just one month, the story delivered 6 million ad impressions within the target audience. More than 400,000 times views of video to the end, and more than 150,000 clicks to the landing page were registered. On an average the users spent 05:47 minutes on the landing page, which was amazing considering that our goal was 1:30 minutes.

Other elements of the campaign was a similar post with children’s names (which came in second as the most shared, commented and liked post) and two different spots with tips for staycation in Denmark during respectively Winter and Summer.”

Even if this specific campaign is completed, please keep your eyes open, as Jenny and Lisbeth continue to post new stories on Facebook.

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